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 Luke15's Villa Domination Guide

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[iS] iRoyalSin

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PostSubject: Luke15's Villa Domination Guide   Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:07 pm

[iS] Luke15 wrote:
I would first like to say that i am in no way attempting to anger people, im just giving out the way id set things up if i were in charge of strategies for everyone. which im not, so feel free to disagree.

So, this is my guide to one of the most hated maps in the game, villa.

Here we have a game where our team (party of 5) possess the A and B flags.

the first thing you probably notice is the big ugly lines drawn throuh the map. these represent spawn points. (These aren't 100% accurate)

the orange line is the spawn point of a team getting spawn trapped at A. Notice how little space there is away from their flag, meaning it is very easy to get boxed in at the pool area (D5). A good opposing team will take advantage of this, and easy win the game, all with very impressive KDRs.

But also notice how close their spawns are to the enemy's B flag. A good team getting spawn trapped (ironic lol) will use their skill to push only about 20 feet forward and take B.

Don't spawn trap a team with A.

The pink line is the spawn location of a team holding A and B. Notice how close the spawns are to both A and B. this is what you want. in domination, there is no spawn delay, so it will be very easy to sprint back to defend B in the case of us losing it after dying. this is the most benefitiary two-flag-spawn in the map.

the blue line is the spawn point of a team holding only C. this what we want the enemy team to be stuck with. it gives them the longest distance to run if they want to make a bum rush to B. keep the enemy at this spawn, and the game will be VERY easily won.

the yellow line is the spawn point of a team with C and B. this is NOT what we would ever want. Notice how large their spawn point is. That means that we would have a very hard time trying to capture B if theyre literally coming from everywhere.

youve probably also notced the numbers scattered throughout the map. these are the locations of where various players on our team should be.

1 this player will be doing a lot of running back at forth. they will also be racking up a lot of kills by clipping the enemy (hiding from behind cover, only making your head visible to onrunning ememies). The job of #1 is to keep the enemy team away from the building with balcony (Keep them away from B5 and C5). this is very crucial, because it is one of, if not the most popula place to go on this map. this player never runs past the fountain (in the direction of C or B) and never enters the yellow area.

2 this is the most important position on the team. this player hides in the second story of the buidling theyre located in, and kills everyone coming down the pathway to B. not a hard job at all. If played correctly, no enemy will be able to get passed the triangle-shaped flowerbed above D3.

3 this player roams the balcony and backs up 1. this guy keeps people out of the courtyard holding the fountain, and makes sure number 1 never loses a gunfight. this is a very easy job to do. but beware: make sure you always check the upstairs of the C building. people like to go up there, not pkaying the objective whatsoever, and snipe people on the balcony and in the courtyard.

4 this player roams anywhere they please. they go anywhere, but never entering the yellow area, or else the enemy team's spawn will switch. this is the only player without a certain responsibility, they just basically look for people.

5 This player takes away the Garage Flank (flank towards E2 and E3). This is crucial, because with a good enemy team, they will know all flanks, and player 5 is the difference between winning comfortably and getting kicked out of our own spawn. this player should have something like a G11 or M16, a gun that is good at long range and doesnt waste ammo when firing all game.

If all of these things are followed, we will win easily. Any questions, or comments, please write away!!

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Luke15's Villa Domination Guide
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