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 Spyda's CTF Guide

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[iS] iRoyalSin

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PostSubject: Spyda's CTF Guide   Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:59 pm

[iS] Spyda wrote:
Okay, Here it is. Capture The Flag helps. This is not a order, the absolute answer, or something meant to tell you how to live your life. Just some tips and ideas that you may want to use, employ, or adapt, to improve your playing style even further.

First three things:

1 CTF is in my opinion the 2nd most team-oriented mode in COD. I've talked about it with some people and here's why. One person can score on their own occasionally, but to have any hope of winning it will take a team effort. And 1 person no matter how sucky isn't likely to cause you to lose, with another good player or 2. However 1 good person on a bad team is S.O.L.

2 The spawn delay gives many players trouble. The main issue is you must balance the value of your life, at certain points of the game. IE: is touching the enemy flag worth probably being unable to help my team for the next 10 sec? Not if you plan on winning. However, if it was to return your flag which is in the middle of the map, then yes.

3 Defense, the best players on your team should probably be doing this. Especially if they're concerned about their K/D. While playing D, you'll likely have high kills, low deaths, and probably big killstreaks. Just remember to move your camping location around.

In most game modes staying to the edges of the map is key. In this mode Not so. As they try to flank and outsmart you, good players will use any and every route possible. Many times I've run right down the middle of the map grabbed the enemy flag and made it safely back to base without firing a shot. WHY?!? Because nobody is stupid enough to run right up the middle right? So why defend it? Also remember not to fall into this trap. Be ready for people to come from any and everywhere.

Basically no matter what you're doing you're either, Defending, Attacking, or Running.

Defenders - look to protect their flag. ALSO when the runner gets near the halfway point of the map they should move up to put themselves between the runner and the pursuing opponents. Unless their flag is currently under attack. Also they chase down anyone who grabs their flag. Alerting everyone on their team to the location of the flag. Look for low deaths, a few defends, and decent amount of kills to see how they did. (Also if you won or not, as the skill of these guys can be the deciding factor.)

Attackers - These guys look to kill. That's it. Essentially They just wanna remove the defenders so someone can grab the flag. If they see an enemy heading into their territory they drop them, or tell their defenders where they will come from. On occasion the flag is left open or falls into their lap, at which point they grab the flag, and hightail it back to base. When the runner touches the enemy flag they cover his butt, or clear him a path home. Regardless of how many deaths, an attacker with a lot of kills has done his job.

Runners - They do just that Run. This player should have Marathon, along with lightweight, or if they're really smart GHOST. A silencer is helpful, but Ex-mag or dual mag can work too. They kill who they can but basically, look to grab the enemy flag, or spot out the defenders on the other team so the Attackers can work em' over. Also upon spawning they attempt to make sure the home base is clear, and usually take the long way to the opponents base. Knowing the Maps, Callouts, and Jumps is essential for success. As is quick decision making, if the opponent grabs your flag this person has to decide the best course of action, hunt them down (hopefully a defender has said which way they went) or attack the enemy flag so they can't score. Hopefully they'll go positive, but if they don't and have some caps and returns it's okay.

Keep an eye on the clock, if you're in the lead with time running out. Consider taking your runner and making him a defender.

Use your secondary nades. Concussions keep the enemy from moving, that means chasing you down or streaking to the flag. Oh and remember they also deactivate sentry guns, and claymores.

Spy-Planes make the flag show up even when it's away from base remember that! However, if the carrier has Ghost on you still won't know where it is.

Know your role BEFORE the match, and adjust you killstreaks accordingly. If your running, don't have the dogs on, expect to die alot. and if you're defending 3,4,5 probably isn't the way you should go.

Don't be afraid to switch, if you're an attacker and the flag is open take it! Runner you're the attacker now. Clear a path to him, and then get between the opponents and that player. If your a runner and you see the defenders struggling, Hang back and take care of home first. Besides you can't score if the enemy has your flag anyway.

Hacker FTW! Not everyone needs it on but, if you see they've planted a claymore. Let the runner and other ppl know.

Last one! Flag Running is alot like walking across a frozen lake. It's dangerous and sometimes stupid. But remember if you made it to the flag. There is a safe way back THE WAY YOU CAME. That's the only way you KNOW isn't loaded with C4 or clays. And doesn't have someone aiming down the sights waiting for you. Grab the flag, toss a stun, and run back the same way you got there. ONLY FASTER!

There's probably a bit more I can add, but that's it for now. If you disagree with anything, or have something to add holla at cha' boi
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Spyda's CTF Guide
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